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With the covid emergency, many entities and associations have launched a series of useful initiatives to provide assistance to companies, workers and families. Here is a list to help you find information that may be useful to you.

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 TIROCINIO - extracurricular internships

The Region has ordered the suspension of all extracurricular internships until the end of the restrictive measures for the containment of the health emergency.
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  • Migranti in campo
    This project is a proposed solution to the labor shortages of agricultural enterprises.
    It aims to offer staff to employ for seasonal jobs. These candidates are already trained and covered by insurance policies with board, lodging and transport on the farm in compliance with all the measures and individual protection devices required by the Coronavirus Emergency.
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  • Bogia nen: state a casa, lo portano a domicilio
    The Municipality of Asti has created a list of companies that offer a home delivery service.
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  • Alessandria list of delivery service
    Alessandria has created a list of companies that offer a home delivery service.
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  • Piedmont regions is looking for staff for the esidential facilities of the elderly
    During the health emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Region's Crisis Unit collects a list of operators to be made available for residential facilities for the elderly located in the Piedmont area.
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  • THE PROTECTION OF THE INCA in the event of an injury from Covid-19
    The INCA offers to all workers who have contracted the coronavirus on the occasion of work, its administrative, medical and legal structure for competent support towards INAIL, so that the provisions of Law Decree n. 18 article 42 of 17 / March 2020 and the Consolidated Act on accidents and occupational diseases (DPR 1124 of 1965), is recognized.
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  • Rete Adesso
    This project offers an information, advising and assisting services to all unemployed people in particular situation followed by the regional network of employment services.
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  • Lo Spaccio di Cultura
    This project is aimed to bring together, in a virtual way, people who provide some time and expertise with others who need it, through Portineria which in this period offers free services, giving the opportunity to those who want to be useful. They offer a selection of services including homework help, IT assistance, creative workshops for children and much more
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    During the Coronavirus emergency, the Diocesan Caritas of Asti launches this initiative by activating a free number (800589794) to reach the listening centers to share, with those who need it, the support for opportunities that the Local Church is able to organize. 
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  • Informagiovani (Asti)
    Informagiovani will continue to provide the services it offers in remote mode.
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  • Home Delivery Initiative (Alessandria)
    Alessandria provides a list of food business operators, catering services as well as pharmacies and parapharmacies that have activated the home delivery services of their products for those who are unable or unable to leave the house to buy what necessary.
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    The families of students residing in Piedmont and enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year can obtain support for the right to study.
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    This project brings together several web hosting spaces to organize free video conferences for work. 
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    An open source and free software for writing open augmentative communication texts
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  • Dona la spesa
    Fundraising initiative for the large food collection known as “Porta la sporta”.
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  • Bogia nen: state a casa, lo portano a domicilio
    The Municipality of Asti provides a space on its website to inform citizens about the possibility of receiving the products they need directly at home without having to leave the house. 
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  • Non Sei Sola
    Tool to help and accompany all women in solving problems and accessing active services in the city and on the territory of Alessandria.
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  • Spesa a domicilio con la pastorale giovanile
    Grocery delivery service for elderly people in the city of Asti.
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